Basic Bike Care Seminar on 18th March!

Basic Bike Care Seminar

18th March!

Share the Freedom!

Join our team of cycling instructors

We are currently in pursuit of passionate cyclists who want to share the freedom of cycling with others.

The job requirement that counts is your ability to cycle and your love for it. Here are further details on what the role involves:

What is the role?

Helping with the children's classes including organising games

Teaching newbies how to ride in a one-to-one structured approach

What is the time commitment?

You will be involved for an average of 2 hours a week

Sessions are held on weekdays as well as Saturdays

What do you get?

On-the-job guidance

Employment on a casual basis

A gross pay of €8.00 per hour

How do you apply?

Send an email to info@freedomisabicycle.com, or

Call/Whatsapp us on +356 9924 0637, or

DM us on m.me/freedomisabicycle

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