Basic Bike Care Seminar on 18th March!

Basic Bike Care Seminar

18th March!

Learn to ride with us!

Learn how to ride a bike from scratch or level up your cycling skills through our one-to-one Bike Riding Lessons

Ride yourself to Freedom

Bike Riding

Absolute beginner individual sessions. Suitable for ages 5 and over, these sessions are aimed at getting you cycling in no time!

Toddler Balance Bike

Start them young! Balance group classes focus on building confidence in toddlers to balance on two wheels

Kids Bike Skills Group Sessions

Kids Bike Skills Group

Group sessions for kids who can cycle but need that extra boost of confidence on two wheels. 


Freedom is a Bicycle‘s

Happy Riders

  • Super patient, dedicated & knowledgeable coaches. Michelle, Matt & Ruth all deserve a big thumbs up. My 7 year old son, who never rode a bike before was off 30 mins into the first session and could cycle freely, turns & all after the second session. My 4 year old daughter is also doing brilliantly after a couple of sessions, with no training wheels whatsoever. Highly recommended.

    Petra Jones Avatar Petra Jones
    18 February 2022
  • Michelle and her team are amazing- i always felt something was missing as i could not ride a bicycle- through their knowledge, patience and adequate coaching skills Michelle, Matt and the rest of the team taught me how to ride the bike as an adult- after overcoming cancer treatment- Michelle also guided me to purchase my bike- and eventually i put my trust in her to teach my 5 year old nephew too- the photo here is on my solo bicycle ride at sunrise- thank you

    Hilda Farrugia Avatar Hilda Farrugia
    21 July 2022
  • Freedom is indeed a bicycle! In 1 session, my son was off pedalling away, having so much fun with his newly-learnt skill! Thank you so much for your patience and great coaching skills!

    Anneliza Grech Avatar Anneliza Grech
    19 February 2022
  • Great experience with coach Matt and coach Michelle 🙂 Always ready to help!!

    Lara Mangani Avatar Lara Mangani
    25 May 2022
  • Excellent experience! Highly recommended for all cycling beginners 👍

    Diane Oswald Avatar Diane Oswald
    28 July 2022
  • We had the opportunity to work with Michelle and her team on a Summer School activity. All the children really enjoyed the fun learning process, would highly recommend!

    Young Engineers Malta Avatar Young Engineers Malta
    6 September 2022
  • It started off with me… who really wanted to just get back on track and cycle a bit… which led to learning a load of new skills which I never knew about… Now im hitting skittles… letting go the handles bars AND clapping… scootering and mounting/dismounting the bike… so seriously? Whats next now? Eager for my next session - the coaches ALWAYS have something up their sleeve! Well done y’all!

    Chalie Alaska Avatar Chalie Alaska
    10 February 2022
  • Great for adults wanting to learn from scratch or improve their skills understanding the nuances of movement on a bike .. love it highly recommended

    Anne Marie Magri Avatar Anne Marie Magri
    4 May 2022
  • My son learnt to ride with Michelle. She understood immediately what makes him tick and how to communicate with him. 2 lessons and he was off! 100% recommended and the skills he continues to learn from cycling have given him the freedom to be himself ❤

    Caroline Muscat Avatar Caroline Muscat
    31 December 2021
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