Basic Bike Care Seminar on 18th March!

Basic Bike Care Seminar

18th March!

Terms & Conditions

‘Freedom is a Bicycle’ by Dr. Michelle Vella Wood


“Freedom is a Bicycle” is a brand name operated solely by Michelle Vella Wood as a sole trader with the primary purpose of providing coaching and teaching lessons for riding a bicycle. The training and coaching may be provided by Michelle Vella Wood or other competent coaches, depending on necessity and availability.


Freedom is a Bicycle will always seek to ensure the suitability of any coach provided for the lessons. All necessary equipment, primarily the use of bikes, can be provided to you unless you are already in possession of your own bike. Since the venue for the lessons is predominantly outdoor and public places, this may change according to availability. Each lesson takes 1 hour.


Due to different people having different learning curves, the number of lessons required may vary from one person to another. Each person willing to take these lessons must agree to these terms at checkout. In the case of children, a parent or guardian must sign and consent on their behalf. Payment is to be effected with each lesson.


Learning to ride a bike may come with its own risks and challenges. Although every precaution is taken by all coaches and trainers to ensure everyone’s safety, it is not possible to exclude potential accidents. For this reason, by agreeing to these terms, you agree to hold Freedom is a Bicycle, and all and any trainers and coaches providing these lessons, free and harmless from any liability for any direct or indirect accidents, damages, injuries or other incidents arising during the lessons or in connection with the lessons. Furthermore, you agree to take full responsibility for any risks and expenses arising from any accidents or incidents.

Finally, all personal data collected, stored and processed by virtue of signing up to these lessons, shall be so collected, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Data Protection Act (Cap. 586) of the Laws of Malta. Photos and videos may be taken during the lesson for both learning and marketing purposes. Kindly fill in the checkbox below should you object to the use of any image or video of you or your child being used for marketing purposes.

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